Sight of the road, the pond top and the foreground superb - Eleagnus will multiflora -

Access path with, on the left the beginning of rubble, on the orée right-hand side of the park

The access to the house is done through a solid mass harmoniously made up of conifers and heathers including one shrubby gilded - Erica Arborea ' Albert' S Gold' -


On this photo catch after the solid mass, one distinguishes on the left, an apple tree in pink flowering blade - Malus ' Van Eseltime' -, in the center one - Berberis Darwinii - in sunk orange flowering, on the wall a mixing of chevrefeuille - Lonicera Etrusca ' Donald Waterer' & ' Superba'


Alleys of access to the house decorated, flowered floors, troughs and dwarf shrubs

Guided tour