At the beginning of 1990, the project of A89 motorway is retained rather than that of the doubling of N89 which would have encroached on certain vineyards, which that known as between us, resembles more in rainy weather, with mangroves of a mangrove that to vine stocks (economy or policy?). The band of the 300 m is defined (expropriation, massacre of the countryside and wood), and passes in full medium of the park. This band of the 300 m is the layout of the passage of the motorway, the people concerned did the utmost to make push back this band.

The owners requested the APBF so that it intervenes for the safeguard of the Park. The general mobilization of people concerned allowed one moves back from 150 to 200 m.

The APBF after having inspected the Park, gave a complete file has to annex to the public board of inquiry.

Unfortunately the ceaseless noise of A89 with neutralized the charm of the shaded places incentive at rest and to the meditation and the overflow of the retaining tank of rainwater flows in the small brook.








Interests botany and teaching of the Park.
Glossary of the trees and rare shrubs in culture.
Protection and conservation of the site.