Bonds and coordinated

Mr. & Mrs. Dénarié: Picampeau, 33 St Denis de Pile,
Botanical association of the Parks of France:
Botanical company of Périgord:
Baumaux seeds: For more than sixty years, our Company has been devoted to the seed marketing of flower seeds & pot and we publish every year, a catalogue of 260 pages, all color, free on request.
Pieter Zwijnenburg Jr: Dutch nursery gardener proposing a great diversity of plants, shrubs and trees. Rare species to see single, delivered out of container and packed with the greatest care. Orders on catalogue, contact by e-mail.
 Saintpaulia in Belarus: The site of the collectors bélarussiens Véra and Alexandre Doubeïkovski. Albums of photographs of violets, streptocarpus and succulent plants, bonds and of the articles.
Cactus and succulent plants. Plants in Bélarus:
Violet, Streptocarpus and Adenium. Flowers in Bélarus:


























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