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The Botanical Park Dénarié in Picampeau was created in 1980 on the site of a waste land impenetrable on the poor ground: slightly acid marl argilo calcareous.

On 1,5 hectares 1500 were planted tax woody (trees and shrubs: , alders, azaleas, camellias, oaks, dogwoods, chèvrefeuilles, maples, eucalyptus, fresnes, glycines, houx, hydrangéas, lagerstroemias, liquidambars, magniolias, micocouliers, rhododendrons)… including 380 conifers.

Among them many plants not very present are in Aquitaine: Carpinus japonica (charms), Idesia polycarpa, Corylus siéboldiana (hazel tree), Orixa japonica, Parrotiopsis jacquemontiana, Ephedra equisetifolia, Fabiana imbricata prostata, Croculus trilobus, Juniperus `Pachyphalea (genévrier), Taïwania cryptomeroïdes, Cupressus govéniana `'Pygméa " (cypress)… etc

Important entirely artificial rubbles were built with stones coming from the scouring of vines of Bordeaux.

Two arranged parts of water and a brook decorate the unit.

The best seasons are spring for its flowerings and its young foliages and the autumn for its pallet of exceptional colors. The winter revives the great presence of conifers, the rocks and the diversity of the barks. The summer is the least spectacular season because of strong heats and the dryness of the ground, but the presence of many shaded places encourage at rest and with the meditation.